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My name is Ben Wood. You can find me on eToro as @bwoodinv where I’m an active member of the Popular Investor programme. This site is my place to say a little bit about who I am, what I do, and to describe my personal investing strategy.

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My Story

I studied geology at undergraduate level (BSc Hons. 2.1) and computing at masters level (MSc Distinction). I do have a day job outside of investing and have worked in scientific software product development and innovation in the UK academic research sector for over 20 years.


Essentially, I enjoy designing and building things, creating value and helping people!

For me, investing is my long-term guarantee of a happy, secure, flexible future. I devote a lot of energy to analysis and strategic financial planning and really enjoy the process of discovering new investment opportunities.


Beyond my active investments on eToro I also hold some index funds and rental property. I am also director of brand and marketing for a start-up in the personal development space called Sun Spiral.

I live near the sea in West Norfolk, England.


I'm always happy to hear from fellow investors who care about their financial future.


Let's connect.

bwoodinv [at]

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